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Our Holistic Approach

Personalized Laboratory Testing

Restoring the gut-brain connection

Non-Toxic Cancer Treaments

Utilizing and directing IPT therapy targets cancer yet preserves and even promotes the immune system. More, the low-dose approach broadens the anti-cancer effects through angiogenesis targeting. As a result, this holistic approach works with the body to preserve and heal the body, not just target the tumor while destroying the body in the process. That is the benefit of a holistic, integrative approach to cancer treatment at Brio-Medical.

Medicine Administered with Wisdom

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Emotional & Spiritual Healing

Immune boosting fortification

Detoxification & Oxygenation

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Methylene Blue

Hyperbaric Chamber

Ozone Therapy

Photodynamic Therapy

Tumor Reduction & Elimination

True Hyperthermia up to 106

Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation

PEMF (Pulse Electromagnetic Fields)



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Learn more about your non-toxic cancer treatment options.

IPT Promotes the Immune System